How to Choose Tea

  1. You are beginner? Still have no favorite tea? Try oolong tea Four seasons or Milk Oolong. These teas are unpretentious, easy to brew and will let you base knowledge on good taste of oolong teas. If you prefer woody, grassy smell and enveloping taste, try Puer Toucha as it presents classic taste of Puer teas.

  2. You’ve already tried oolong tea and have basic knowledge on tea? Then Taiwanese oolong Tieguanyin with smell and taste of fresh fruits with soothing and warming effect is right for you. As well as Baozhong oolong tea with its delicate floral aroma and taste, which perfectly quenches thirst, stimulates appetite and it is really fine drink after hearty meal.

  3. If you want to know what was the taste of oolong tea 300 years ago, you should try Cold Mountain oolong tea. We sell only Cold Mountain oolong tea that has been dried on charcoal in a traditional technology.

  4. You’re a foodie, you can catch the most subtle notes of taste? Then our elite Taiwanese oolong tea Oriental Beauty is what you are looking for. This oolong is a tea that you want to revel in, the tea which taste is a delight.

  5. Are you advanced in teas? Do you know how to brew them in a right way? Do you like to spend time at a tea party with friends or yourself? Then our High Mountain teas are special for you.