China is the motherland of tea, and Taiwan is the place where the tea grows which is considered to be elite even in China.
We made this shop in order to allow you buying this wonderful tea from the people, who has grown it, who processed it and prepared it.


How does it work

We are located in Taiwan and we buy the tea only directly from plant owners who grow and process tea-leaves by themselves.

Tea is harvested twice a year: in the winter and the spring. Every season, just as new crops come, we select one the best specially for you. High quality tea must be gathered by hands. During hot season, it is possible to process not more than 20-30 kg of tea leaves. Each crop, each part of such finest tea is a very unique.



When we select the tea, we rely on the expertise and opinion of the certified tea taster, who is our close friend and our colleague as well. You would be surprised to know that for obtaining of this certificate the taster must pass through exams which are hold by Taiwanese state organization. This exam is continuing for 5 days in a row! To pass this exam the examinee needs to have an exceptional ability to recognize very delicate tastes. Looks like today not more than 300 people in Taiwan have been certified through this certification system.



After we selected the best tea, we pass it for the SGS test. If the tea pass the test successfully, then we buy it and keep it in an ideal conditions in order to preserve its natural properties.

When you place your order, we pack the tea in a sealed vacuum packs and then ship it to you via air mail. All preparations usually take not more than 2-4 days.

As a result, you buy only fresh tea in ideal condition. And this is the finest Taiwanese tea you can imagine.

Enjoy your tea.