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Li Shan

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High-Mountain tea is grown at the height of 1000 m or more.

Tea leaf: Light fermented, color from light green to dark green, twisted into small beads

Tea: Brewed tea has amber color.

Aroma: Delicate, clear with light scent of fruits and flowers

Taste: Fresh, sweet with long and strong aftertaste

Effect: Organizes thoughts and feelings, fills the body with energy

Additional Information

Li Shan Mountains

Brewing Instructions

Water 90-100 degrees Celsius. Tea leaf should occupy 1/5 of the tea pot. After the first brew wait for a few seconds and pour the water. It is important to do so because the tea leaves twisted into small beads should open up to produce taste. The second brew lasts one minute. The third brew is 45 seconds. Each next brew should be 20-30 seconds longer than the previous one. If the taste is too strong reduce the time of brews.