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Dongfang (Oriental Beauty)

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This tea has an interesting origin. When people first tried to grow it in Taiwan its leaves were gnawed round by local insects. Those insects live only in Taiwan. People were going to through tea away, but then they managed to sell some tea to European merchants. They were amazed when the merchants came back and bought all the remaining tea. It turned out that the leaves which were gnawed by insects added an unusual sweet honey taste. They say that it is the favorite tea of English Queen.


Tea leaf: Comes in five colors: white, red, brown, yellow, green. When you put tea leaves in water they start to whirl and play with all five colors, reminding of a dance show with dancers wearing bright clothes.

Tea: Brewed tea has an orange red color

Aroma: Delicate and tempting flowery honey

Taste: The taste of this tea is delightful and makes you want to drink it again and again. Very tender, clean, sweet.

Effect: The taste and aroma of this tea elate

Additional Information

Summer 2013, hand-picked

Growth Height

800 ~ 1200 m


Xin Zhu province, E Mei disctrict

Brewing Instructions

Tea leaves should occupy 1/2 of a tea pot

You may drink this tea after the first brew. Water 80-90 degrees Celsius.

The first brew lasts one minute

The second brew is 45 seconds

Each next brew should be 20-30 seconds longer than the previous one

If the taste is too strong reduce the time of brews